Sunday, 23 March 2014

To the ButterCup of the PowerPuff...

We bothered you a lot,
Irritated you, frustrated you,
Teased you whenever we could,
We did things you never thought we would.

You were caring in your own way,
That you never showed,
But around when we had no one dear,
You would always be our savior.

We might not have been the best of friends,
Nor would this friendship be lifelong,
One thing would never be forgotten,
She did not let our wounds rotten.

Sorry, for being a pain in the ass,
Thank you, for bearing with us
Till the end of your tether,
We sure did share some of the best moments together.

ButterCup, We Love You!
- Blossom & Bubbles :)

Bubbles 3:) - Blossom ;) - ButterCup O:)

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