Monday, 31 December 2012

Rest In Peace for the Rapists???

                We all know the story. The girl was gang-raped, brutally injured; left on the road – naked and half-murdered because no one had the guts to help her; was hospitalized; was critical for 13 days and succumbed to the excruciating pain.

                 But what about the girls who have been through such disgusting experiences? Will they ever be able to overcome the mental torture they have been through? What can be worse than this for a woman!  What about the people around them? People are fighting now. But what after this is all over? They will either have people sympathize with them or there will be few others who will blame them for being irresponsible. Even they might blame themselves for it and make them all the more vulnerable!

                All this for those helpless tormented females and just a death sentence for those rapists? Few seconds of struggle and those monsters will be free of all the humiliation they deserve. Will that ease the victims’ pain? Will that fade away their family’s grief? Will that cool down the nation’s fury? Is this fair enough? NO! I don’t think it is! They do deserve to live and to live with shame and disgust of the society.

                If someone asks me, I would make them stand in a public place and ask people to slap them in face one by one; but not kill them. Or even worse, let the people spit on their faces so that they know how much the society loathes them. But the best one will be to make them impotent. Those uncontrolled hormones that made them do such a sin should be muted for life and they be deprived of the pleasure for which they destroyed the life of an innocent girl. And let their faces be known to each and every Indian. This is a chance to set an example for others who think they can play with any woman’s life and still roam freely on the streets.

                Let them not be dead but die every single moment with shame and disgust for the rest of their lives!
Let them not Rest In Peace...
Let them Live In Shame!