Sunday, 28 May 2017

Beautiful Coincidences and Shimmering Tales

Coincidences are beautiful. I like to think of them as customised gifts of smaller joys conspired by the universe. They leave one feeling blessed, happy and thankful.

Talking about coincidences and gifts, this one fluke of luck had a gift and an inspiration in store for me. I came across a jewellery contest of Shimmering Tales with Shruti. The page was decent, the designs were very contemporary and I found the overall idea of customising jewellery online very innovative. Everyone knows I am not a jewellery person, but I could connect with the designs so much, I couldn't help participating. Totally "my types", they were elegant, not too jazzy and unique!

And, as luck would have it, I won the contest! Well, that wasn't the coincidence, that was just the probability. Later while coordinating with the owner, Shruti, we learnt that we had met before! A mutual friend had introduced us in college. Now that's a coincidence!

This is the pretty ring and the gift card for life! ;)

Soon enough, I received the gift - a ring that seemed to be a betoken of Shimmering Tales. The images that were posted did not do justice to the actual piece. One look and a layman can tell that it's top-notch. Shruti also wrote a beautiful 'Thank You' note. What's more appreciated by clients than showing you care?! From the presentation to quality, everything was just perfect. 

Since we got in touch again, Shruti has been telling me about her initiatives and struggle she's done with the start-up. Based out of Indore, she has a job as well as manages this business online. People like Shruti are true doers, laying an example for everyone. These are the people who are doing it the hard way and conquering life. While keeping her efforts consistent, she makes sure to keep her social responsibilities in check. Recently, she tied-up with UNICEF and made donations for underprivileged kids! And, now I am not just an admirer of Shimmering Tales but also of the lady behind it - Shruti Sharma!

Well Shruti, this is my way of saying thank you for the invaluable insights you've provided me with on entrepreneurship. You are amazing!

Wanna know why I am hyped about a girl selling jewellery online? Go check out her designs - Shimmering Tales With Shruti!