Friday, 28 March 2014

Moments with Friends!

Moments come and moments go,
Some we regret, others we adore!

I remember when we all,
Uncertain of any fall,
Stood by one another,
Like we would for a sister or brother.

When we thought 
No one could tear us apart,
When we thought our friendship
Was just the life's start.

Careless and caring,
We had a great time together,
When for crying, we knew
We always had a shoulder.

When engrossed in those moments
Ever did i feel,
That time would take us in such directions,
Where nostalgia would be hard to deal.

Now I recollect the times
When I took it all for granted
When I didnt realise its importance
While our friendship was all I wanted.

Here I am now, thinking...
Whom do I tease, whom do I don?
I know I realised it late,
So late that the moment was gone!!!